Channel Our Literary Expertise


College Admissions Application Essays:

  • Coach students on how to write an exceptional admissions essay.
  • Assist applicant via Zoom in developing initial draft application essay.
  • Review and revise the first draft of the essay with the student.
  • Review and proofread the student’s final essay for submission.
  • Will help students make one additional revision of the essay if needed.

SAT and ACT Digital Tutoring:

  • Mentor students on how to properly prepare to take the exams for the best possible score applicable to each student’s academic capabilities.
  • Coach students on the optimal test-taking techniques to manage time efficiently to achieve the highest score possible on each subject test based on the student’s academic capabilities.
  • All tutoring sessions with students are held on Zoom for one hour per session.
  • Students are required to purchase and use the same SAT or ACT-renowned study guide used by the tutor.

Professional Resume Creation and Formatting:

  • Based upon initial client intake information and desired job vacancy requirements, will assist the client in drafting a strong resume.
  • Will format, review, and revise the initial resume draft with the client.
  • Will proofread and edit the final resume before the client submits it for the desired job vacancy.
  • Once the client has submitted his/her resume to multiple job vacancies, Polished Prose will provide one free resume revision if requested.

Proofreading and Copy Editing:

  • Will proofread any document for correct spelling and grammar.
  • Will edit a client’s document to refine its format, wording, and style.
  • Will rewrite the document completely to improve it, if requested.

Disclaimer: Polished Prose does not guarantee any desired college admissions, desired test score, desired job selection, or document acceptance and grade.

Professional Profile

A man with long hair and beard wearing a blue shirt.

Credentials: California Community College Instructor (Valid for Life)

  • Language Arts and Literature
  • Philosophy and Religion

Current Services:

  • Helps high school students draft, revise, and finalize their winning College Application Essays for admission to top US universities.
  • Established expertise as a highly successful ACT and SAT TUTOR for high school and college students, most of whom raised their exam scores.
  • Creating, formatting, and revising professional resumes for clients.
  • Proofreading, editing, and rewriting documents, if needed, for clients.

Professional Background:

  • Retired US Military Intelligence Commander (O-5)
  • Retired Senior Defense Intelligence Manager (GS-15)
  • Former Honors English teacher at prestigious college prep schools
  • Former college adjunct professor in Composition and Literature


  • U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1970-1972
  • Abilene Christian University, 1972-1975, Bachelor of Science
  • Abilene Christian University, 1975-1976, Master of Science
  • University of San Diego, 1978-1980, Post-Graduate Literature
  • Old Dominion University, 1988-1990, Master of Arts Humanities
  • University of Mississippi, 1990-1994, Required Doctoral Literature Courses